Auto Trader BOT: A Short Guide

We just released an update to our latest hot product – the Auto Trader BOT that trades crypto for users. What is this about and how does it work? This very short guide will get you started.

What is the Auto Trader BOT?

The TAT Auto-Trader BOT is a handsfree crypto trading BOT. A team of seasoned professional TATSpace trade analysts constantly send trade signals to the BOT. The BOT then automates both Spot and Futures trading for subscribers using these signals. This means it helps users to buy and sell crypto, in both the spot and derivatives (futures) market, whether they’re available online or not. It does this using parameters set by the crypto trader and trades on their behalf. These parameters include capital for each trade, stop loss and take profit points in percentages.

Who can use the BOT?

The Auto Trader BOT serves everyone, including advanced crypto traders. However, it is especially designed to benefit crypto users who want to make profit from trading but have no free time. While they go about their busy schedules, the BOT trades on their behalf in their absence. They do not need to monitor it as it does the buying and selling by itself using their set parameters. This happens instantly whenever analysts send trade signals to the BOT.

The BOT is also very helpful for newbies in the crypto space. These are Crypto users who are unfamiliar with the the way crypto market works. While they go about in their journey to learn trading, they can still make profits using the Auto Trader BOT.

Are you new in crypto? Learn Crypto here.

Auto Trader BOT Subscriptions

We have different subscription packages for different users. Below is a rendition of them with a simple guide on how to subscribe. You can choose the one most suitable to you.

Open your TATSpace app and click on the “Auto Trader BOT” button. See next image. If you don’t have the app yet, scroll down to the last paragraph in this article to see the download link.

Auto Trader BOT on homescreen
Click on the button you see in your screen tagged “Auto Trader BOT”. It opens to the next image below.

Next, tap on “Subscribe” button (1st image below) and then click “See Subscription plan (2nd image below).” If you like to view past trades statistics, you can click the appropriate link on the screen: View past statistics.

Auto Trader BOT Subscribe button
While on this page, tap “Subscribe” to proceed to the next screen.
Auto Trader BOT see Subscription plan
To see the different subscription packages available, tap the button “See Subscription plan”.

Swipe left to see all the available subscription packages. We will briefly explain each one below.

Free Subscription

Auto Trader BOT Free subscription package
This image shows you the Free subscription package. Swipe left on your app to see next.

Yes, you can use the Auto Trader BOT without putting any money on the table. All you need to do with this package is to fund your trading account with a minimum of $20. You still have full access to all the features of the Auto Trader BOT.

How then do we gain from this? We simply take 30% from every profit the BOT makes for you in each trade (not your trading capital). You keep 70% of your profits.

To be able to use this package, you MUST fund your tatspace BOT fuel money by clicking on Fund Trader while on the BOT homepage. This can only work if you have already deposited the USDT in your tatspace Tether USDT wallet. To find it, do this: tap on wallet => then tap on Tether USDT => then click on receive => copy the address. Only send Trc20 USDT to the address. Minimum deposit is 30$.

The goal is to make the BOT accessible to everyone. It’s an opportunity to gain access to trade signals for free.

Annual Subscription with $1000

Auto Trader BOT yearly subscription for $1000
This image shows you the $1000 yearly subscription package. Swipe left on your app to see next. Swipe right to see previous.

This package increases the profit you can keep for yourself. By paying $1000 annual fee, you get to keep 90% of every profit the BOT makes in your account. We only take 10% from each profit.

Tatcoin monthly Subscription fee of $50

Auto Trader BOT Tatcoin monthly Subscription with $50
This image shows you the $50 monthly subscription package using Tatcoin. Swipe left on your app to see next. Swipe right to see previous

This package gives you the opportunity to keep more of the profits the BOT makes for you. When you pay with Tatcoin worth $50 per month, you will be able to keep 80% of profit from each trade. We will take 20% of the profits in Tatcoin. To use this package, always ensure you have sufficient amount of Tatcoin in your wallet. Otherwise, the BOT may not work for you.

Premium Subscription

Auto Trader BOT premium Subscription
This image shows you the Premium ($10,000) yearly subscription package. Swipe right to see previous.

This offer allows you to keep 100% of the profits you make with the Auto Trader BOT. All you need to do is pay $10,000 each year.

There are no hidden charges whatsoever. And you have full access to all the BOT features.

Now, you can choose your preferred subscription package, then click “Subscribe Now” to proceed. A pop up will appear as shown in the image below. Make sure you read through and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding. If you disagree, you cannot gain access to the BOT.

Auto Trader BOT terms of use
You need to read this terms of use before proceeding. Click on Agree to subscribe. Click return if you don’t want to continue.

Move through the next screens until you see the screen in the image below. You can choose either of the set ups (Futures or Spot) or return to the BOT homescreen. From there, you can always set up the Auto Trader BOT using the simple guide below.

Auto Trader BOT Futures and Spot trading
You can choose which part of the BOT to set up. You can always access each of these from the BOT home screen.

How the Auto Trader BOT works

The BOT is currently focusing on helping crypto traders navigate the Spot and Futures market handsfree. All users need to do is subscribe and configure the BOT as they want. Here’s how each of these works below.

Before you can set up your Spot and Futures parameters for trading, you need to fund your BOT fuel money first. The BOT will not trade for you if you don’t have money in your bot fuel money for both spot and Futures.

How to fund your BOT fuel money

Make sure you have USDT on your normal tatspace wallet before proceeding below.

Open the BOT homepage and click on Fund Trader. Enter the total amount of your funds you want to move to the BOT. To move everything, tap on Max. Then, click Submit. See next images.

Tap on “Fund Trader” – the blue button to the left. See next image.
Input the funding amount or click “Max” to move everything. Tap Submit when done.

After you have successfully funded your BOT fuel money account, you can proceed with setting up both accounts as described below.

How to set up the Auto Trader BOT for both Spot and Futures Trading on Binance

To use the latest version of the Auto Trader BOT, you need to connect your Binance Futures and Spot account to it. To do this, you need your Binance API key and secret key. However, you can choose to use either Spot or Futures only. This guide works for both, but you can avoid enabling whichever one you don’t want to use. Take a look at this Guide to help you get your Binance futures account ready before proceeding below. You can also learn how to create an API with the guide.

How to Create Binance API for the Auto Trader BOT

To create a Binance API for the Auto Trader BOT configuration, make sure you have enabled Binance Futures for your Binance account by passing a quiz. The link in the above section can help you through this. Having done so, proceed as shown in images below to set up and copy your Binance API key for Spot and Futures.

Open your Binance app. Ensure the “Home” tab at the base of the screen is selected. Now, find the “More” button to the right of the screen close to the top of your app screen. Click it (see next image below)
This opens by default. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page or click on the “Others” tab. (See image below)
Select the option tagged “API Management”
Click on the button tagged “Create API”
Input any name label for your new API. TATSpace is preferable. Then tap “Next”
Drag and fit the puzzle in it’s accurate position. This tests that you are not a robot yourself. Proceed to the next image below.
You will immediately see this security verification page if you have previously enabled it for your Binance account. If so, tap on any where you see “Send Code”, then go copy the codes and input in the appropriate place. Click Submit when done. (If you did not enable either authentication code or email verification for your account, you will see the image below instead.
If you see this (instead of the previous image above) proceed with enabling and setting up your 2Fa security verification. When done, return to your app homescreen > More > Other > API Management > Create API > etc ( to create your API key afresh following the guidelines explained above until you see the image shown below).
Click on the edit button to set up the API properly, then tap the dropdown arrow you see at the bottom of the screen. It expands to the image below. Just scroll down.
Turn on the yellow buttons for “enable spot and margin trading” and “enable futures” as shown in this image. Ensure “unrestricted” is selected. See image below.
Finally, you must save your changes before leaving this page. Simply tap on the “Save” button. Then, you can continue with the guide below.

When you have created a Binance account API for both Spot and Futures, copy your API key and secret key. Go back to the Auto Trader BOT on TATSpace App.

Afterwards, click on the “More” button at the top right corner of the page (check your BOT homescreen). Then tap on “Edit Futures BOT.”

Input your copied Binance API and secret key in the boxes provided and tap “Activate” or “Update.” See next image.

Input your API key and secret key in the appropriate tab and click on Activate.
Close the success notification pop up to see the next image below
Carefully read through the instructions as it will help you to understand how the BOT can work for you more effectively. (See next image below)
When you’re done reading click on the finish button. Your BOT is now connected to your Binance account.

When you have successfully connected your Binance API to the BOT, you now need to set up your Take profit, Stop loss and Trading capital for both spot and Futures (simply follow the guidelines below). We also have take lesser profit enabled for the Futures trading part. What this means is that if any signal does not reach your Take profit point, as prices start going down, it will most likely sell at a lower percentage in profit. As a result, it is better if you choose 60% as Take profit for the Futures part below.

Spot Trading

The Spot trading part involves buying crypto assets at a low price and selling at a higher price later on. This, like the Futures trading section below, uses Binance API to trade for subscribers on their binance Spot Account.

Proceed to Set Up your Spot Parameters as shown in the images below.

>Input the amount to be used in each trade.
>Choose your profit percentage.
(See next image)
>Choose your stop loss percentage. Afterwards, click on “Submit”

Go ahead to set up for futures as described below.

Futures Trading

Futures trading simply refers to profiting by predicting the direction of a crypto asset’s price. It can either be a short position (predicting price fall) or a long position (predicting price rise). In either way, you make profits when the market goes in your direction. Unlike spot that is limited to bullish markets, you can trade futures whether market is going up or down. It all depends on your position type: long or short.

Technically, buying a short or long position means you’re buying a derivatives contract on the crypto asset.

You need to go set up your Futures trading parameters as you did for Spot trading. See the images below.

Auto Trader BOT Spots and Futures selection
This pops up when you click the dropdown arrow selection seen in the screen. Select “Futures” to proceed.
Auto Trader BOT Futures configuration
>Input your trading capital for each trade.
>Choose your profit percentage.
(See next image)
Auto Trader BOT Futures configuration 2
>Choose your stop loss percentage. Click Submit afterwards.

Make sure you have funds on Binance Spot and Futures account, if you want to trade on both accounts. You can move some of your funds from spot account to Futures account. This Binance API Guide also explains how to do this.

What happens after setting up your Auto Trader BOT?

The Auto Trader BOT will trade for you when our experts send spot or futures trade signals to it. This is automatic/handsfree – meaning you don’t have to open or close any trade by yourself. You don’t even have to be online. Only make sure you have enough trading balance in your Binance account as well as our fuel money on tatspace BOT at all times. The BOT trades both spot and futures using the API you have set up from your Binance account.

Your profits and losses all happen on Binance. You can withdraw your profit from Binance whenever you like. You can also top up more balance on Binance if your funds reduce. Please, note that we do not have access to withdraw your funds on Binance. You can click on Pause Trade anytime you feel like taking a break. You can find this button on the BOT homepage on tatspace app.

Don’t have the TATSpace app yet, download by clicking the link below.

Download TATSpace

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