A collection of educational resources to help you get started in Crypto profitably.

What Are Smart Contracts?

The term Smart Contract was first mentioned in 1994 by a computer scientist in America named Nick Szabo. He tried

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The ABC of Tokenomics.

Tokenomics is an important aspect of the world of cryptocurrency. Investors overlook this area in pursuit of the next gem,

The Ethereum Merge Explained

At this time, the Ethereum Blockchain reaches consensus through the use of a Proof of Work consensus algorithm. This mechanism

Recurring Buy: How it works

The volatility in the crypto market has given rise to several investment strategies that can help crypto investors and traders

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What is a Crypto Launchpad?

The crypto market has been highly promoted with the launch of several projects over the years. This gave rise to

Ethereum Token Standards

 Ethereum is a programmable protocol that allows anybody with great ideas to build whatever they want on it. As such,

Introduction to Crypto Trading

Crypto trading refers to the act of buying and selling of crypto assets for profit. Here, cryptocurrency coins and tokens

What is Ethereum?

When I first learned about Bitcoin and Ethereum, I wondered why we needed them both. Why do we need Ethereum

What is Dollar-Cost Averaging?

The high volatility in the crypto market demands a dollar-cost averaging approach to investing. This approach offers a better and

What are Crypto Airdrops?

The emergence of the DeFi sector gave rise to the interest and the pursuit of crypto airdrops by both new

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