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DAO: How it Works

With the blockchain came decentralization. This opens the door to a whole new way of doing things in different works

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Auto Trader BOT: A Short Guide

We just released an update to our latest hot product – the Auto Trader BOT that trades crypto for users.

What Is Bitcoin Halving?

The history of Bitcoin shows a periodic event happens every four years. This event known as Bitcoin Halving cut the

DeFi for Beginners

DeFi is a very interesting part of the ongoing cryptocurrency revolution. With it, crypto users are discovering that hodling assets

Crypto Market Cycle Explained.

One of the characteristics of the crypto market is its repeating movement in price. This movement is in a certain

EtherScan: How It Works

EtherScan is a cool tool for Ethereum network users. One of the selling forces of the cryptocurrency industry is the

What Is An Exchange Token?

An Exchange token is a native token of a cryptocurrency trading platform, which is known as an exchange. These platforms

The Smart Money Concept.

The smart money concept originated from the gambling industry. It refers to the sum of money used by an individual

What Are Smart Contracts?

The term Smart Contract was first mentioned in 1994 by a computer scientist in America named Nick Szabo. He tried

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